Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fast food, the home-made version

I do like good kitchen equipment, like the classic Kitchenaid Standmixer or a Vitamix.

This is about the next wave --- the Kenwood Cooking Chef Machine. So, what is different? This is not just a mixer but it includes induction heating, basically.., can mix your chocolate, butter and sugar for the brownies in the the kitchen standmixer AND melting it right then and there. Cool? Worth to pay $1,500 more? If it does not save money it saves kitchen counter space, for sure.

Another cool appliance is the Phillips Airfryer. It seems like a toaster oven married to a fryer. Only, instead of using oil it uses blasts over hot air to fry chicken and french fries. The benefit? It heats up really fast, and cooks very fast at high temperature.

How to make some 10 min pastry in the Airfryer..

or an entire family dinner... The price tag is ok-ish -- $299.

The new fast food wave…..

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